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HoliBreath: breathing courses and exercises

Your breathing courses will take place in the intimate comfort of a refined apartment situated in a beautiful district. We welcome you to learn abdominal breathing exercises that will help you breathe like a baby to find your first breath again.


HoliBreath reunites the best respiration techniques from diverse cultures around the world which Chantal LEHMANN learned when she was studying under the best respiration masters. In the occidental world and the United States people want to have toned bodies starting with physical exercise they are ready to do anything to have one. Do you exercise regularly? If the exercises you do reinforce the abdominal core, use techniques to gain muscles like sit-ups, Pilates, Yoga and other gluteal exercises, these action trap tensions in the body.

The stomach is the "body’s second brain" and the cradle of your emotions. It traps knots and traumas that have accumulated over your lifetime. Sadness after the passing of a loved one, accidents, fears, shocks and physical and emotional traumas can all cause emotions that stagnate in us.

Chantal Lehmann, HoliBreathPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

The exercises learned in the HoliBreath sessions will help you learn to liberate these emotions. Thanks to the abdominal breathing courses you will finally learn to let go and liberate all your deeply-buried emotions. Along with these breathing exercises we will also work on putting pressure on your meridians. This precise work will allow you to achieve a sense of deep wellbeing and you will live an experience that is like none other.


During your HoliBreath abdominal breathing exercises we will help you find your infant-like breathing pattern again. As adults we adapt a breathing pattern that is based on our reflexes during which the brain and the body are totally disconnected from conscious thought. Our breathing exercises, which are performed in a state of deep relaxation, will teach you how to breathe while concentrating on what you are doing and the sensations you feel.

During the 1 hour and 15 minute long session you will practice rhythmic breathing with the mouth open. Throughout these breathing exercises you will take long inhalations and exhale with strength. You will inhale and exhale through the mouth in diverse and varied positions while concentrating on sending the air that you inhale toward the centre of your vital energy.

While we are working on your abdominal respirations we will rebalance your energies by putting pressure on your meridian points.

HoliBreathPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

While you are breathing with the stomach everything in the body seems to have found its meaning and place. You will feel tingling sensations due to the circulation of energy.

Thus the 7 chakras are stimulated:

  • 1st chakra: energy that comes from the root
  • 2nd chakra: reproduction and sexuality
  • 3rd chakra: work and food
  • 4th chakra: the heart, the solar plexus and the emotions
  • 5th chakra: the throat and communication
  • 6th chakra: the third eye, the eye of knowledge
  • 7th chakra: coronal, spiritual


Through helping you find your first breath. The HoliBreath abdominal breathing courses will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation and relieve numerous troubles.


It takes 12 sessions to find your infant-like breathing patterns again. HoliBreath breathing exercise sessions also boost the detoxifying effects of HoliDetox.

HoliBreath: breathing courses and exercises

Available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations.

  • Duration: 1 hour and 30minutes
  • Price: 220 Euros
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