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HoliSport: massage for athletes

Like many top-level athletes, we welcome you discreetly in the intimate comfort of an apartment situated in a beautiful district.


HoliSport is a holistic treatment specifically designed for top-level athletes to work on muscle recuperation and balance.

Because all competitive athletes and their coaches know that a warm-up stretch and muscle recuperation are important when it comes to their performance, Chantal LEHMANN created the HoliSport massage which deeply yet gently cleanses the body. This holistic massage has been influenced by cultures from around the world and reunites their best massage techniques.

Holisport, massage holistique pour sportifsPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


Lying on a tatami mat to increase the powerful effect of this massage, you let yourself go and enter into a state of deep relaxation in the hands of our experts.

  • To start the first part of this muscle recuperating massage you will put on Turkish pants and a t-shirt. We will mobilise your entire body with intense and precise stretches using many different positions (on your stomach, back, side or sitting).
    We will alternate between diverse massage techniques Thaï, Shiatsu or Yoga.
    The HoliSport muscle recuperating massage for competitive athletes will gently relax your body. The stretches incorporated in this massage are guided with delicate precision and have been inspired by the Postural Stretching invented by Jean-Pierre MOREAU.We will work on your joints to promote the elimination of toxins that have been lodged around the insertion points of the muscles.
  • The second part of the HoliSport muscle recuperation massage is more focused on the muscles. Each of your muscles is carefully worked on so that your entire body relaxes. Meticulous stretches alternating between the left and the right sides of your body promote an extremely precise cleansing of your spinal column. During this phase each muscle, ligament and tendon around the spine is worked on to detoxify your body.

The HoliSport massage is a real work of art!

HoliSport,massage holistique pour sportifPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


HoliSport the holistic massage helps athletes recuperate and brings you a state of wellbeing and incredible weightlessness! Thanks to its detoxifying effects HoliSport gives you back your pep, realigns your energies and relaxes your body.


HoliSport HoliSport is recommended as a monthly treatment for competitive athletes to help maintain the body. This muscle recuperating treatment was created for top-level athletes but can also be adapted to those who feel "rusty" due to lack of exercise.
If you are not able to bend over and touch your toes with your fingertips HoliSport is perfect for you!

HoliSport: massage for athletes

Available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations.

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: 600 Euros
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