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Chantal LEHMANN creates holistic massage and personal care protocols for your wellbeing and beauty which are as effective as they are original. An atypical individual inspired by Asia, Chantal LEHMANN is an unparalleled masseuse whose precise gestures awaken your spirit through her perfect understanding of the human body. Treat yourself to the extraordinary experience of her sophisticated massage sessions and holistic approach to wellbeing.

Inception: sweet smells of childhood and memories of massage

Chantal LEHMANN discovered the delight of massages through the loving touch of her beloved Grandmother’s soft and supple skin. Brought up in a reserved family atmosphere 6-year-old Chantal became accustomed to receiving her Grandmother’s massages before her afternoon nap. Chantal’s sole physical contact was that of her Grandmother; who caressed and tickled Chantal’s head to make her fall asleep and who taught her the importance of breathing deeply. Years later Chantal delved into the world of music; through her piano studies she would transform her hands into virtuosic “instruments” of massage.

The lessons she gained from the tender relationship with her Grandmother taught her the sense of touch and gave her a taste of what it meant to be able to bring enjoyment to others. Her childhood education in Alsace is a tool that is as important as those acquired in the ensuing chapters of her life; strictness, precision and the respect for others, the self and her occupation.

Revelation: it is necessary to take the time to understand the body

With her degrees in history and cosmology in hand Chantal LEHMANN travelled to Asia to start her first collaboration with Sisley in 2004. She ended up staying a month longer than expected to learn the secrets of Thai massage at Wat Po the famous “Temple of the Reclining Buddha” in Bangkok. The weight of the body plays an important role in this massage technique which is done on the floor and incorporates the precise and skilful orchestration of the masseuses’ knees, elbows and feet.

Chantal LEHMANN had a revelation in this temple while massaging one of her master instructors. In a semi-trance she massaged her master for more than six hours because neither she nor the master wanted to or had to do anything else! From this experience was born the need to envision protocols for holistic massage sessions that lasted as long as they possibly could.

“It takes time to get to know the body that is before you.”
- Chantal Lehmann -

Obsession: massage techniques and their virtues

From Tokyo to New York and Hong Kong, Chantal LEHMANN travelled the globe for 15 years in order to perfect her knowledge of the body and massages from all around the world and to discover their numerous and unexpected virtues.
Chantal LEHMANN was inspired by the teachings of the masters she met during these voyages to create her holistic massages and enlightened herself through her studies of Shiatsu, lomilomi, acupuncture, reiki and even yoga. Chantal never tires of expanding her knowledge through learning new techniques to enrich her holistic massages and treatment sessions.

For the last ten years she has been studying Japanese boxing in Paris with François Bernier. From these studies she has internalized the techniques of concentration, fluidity and balance helping her to massage with her eyes closed, as if in a waking dream…

“Martial arts have taught me to draw upon my inner forces without exhausting them.”
- Chantal Lehmann -


  • Ongoing courses: Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)
  • Courses on massage and wellbeing: Tui na (Hong Kong), shiatsu (Tokyo), reiki (France and Tokyo), Thai massage (Wat Pho, Bangkok), massage for babies (Montreal), stone therapy (Los Angeles), sophrology-yoga (Tokyo), pilates (Paris), Hawaiian massage (lomilomi), Korean relaxation (Korea), lymphatic drainage, plantar reflexology (Thailand and Hong Kong), Ayurveda (Techniques: abhyanga, kalari kaï, shirodhara)

Recognition: prestigious references

During the years Chantal LEHMANN spent as an apprentice and researching new techniques she worked for the biggest brands in cosmetology, wellbeing and spas.
Chantal LEHMANN has indelibly left her mark on great brands such as Sisley, and Nivéa! Chantal LEHMANN’S expertise allows her to bring high-quality consulting services to numerous professionals, prestigious brands and startups alike.

Realization: the Chantal LEHMANN concept

When she is not occupied with consulting or creating personal care protocols for renowned beauty and wellbeing brands Chantal engages in transmitting her knowledge to her team.
Her experience allows her to detect masseuses that are apt to receive her training and who are capable of embodying her protocols with the same devotion and finesse as Chantal LEHMANN.

Chantal shares her distinguished approach to holistic massage with the best masseuses and wellbeing experts. Her voyages and the great diversity of her knowledge bring a richness and emotional depth to her unique and exclusive holistic massages and treatments.

“For a massage to be a success it must delight he/she who gives it while achieving total detachment from all thoughts of those that receive it.”
- Chantal Lehmann -

The future: success

Apart from her appointment book that is always full one can measure Chantal LEHMANN’S success by the numerous eulogistic press articles by beauty and wellbeing specialists. While engaged in the development of a course on professional massage Chantal is also preparing to open new locations in Paris, Provence and other major international cities. The address that was once whispered amongst the “stars” is finally spreading itself to new locations in response to popular demand.

Chantal LEHMANN is committed to preserving the aspects of confidentiality, exclusivity, conviviality, precision and design to meet individual needs that have brought success to 175 Bvd Jean-Jaurès à Boulogne to all of her new locations.

“I love creating massages that leave a mark on the body!”
- Chantal Lehmann -


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Chantal LEHMANN Locations

Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments are available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations. The appointments take place in an apartment building of standing in a refined and confidential atmosphere.

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