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Chantal LEHMANN promises to provide expert holistic massages and treatments that are given in total confidentiality; an enchanted interlude to your day set in a cosy atmosphere.


A rendezvous at Chantal LEHMANN’S is not just an appointment, but a moment of personalized relaxation during which only you and your wellbeing are taken into account. We welcome you in a refined apartment situated in a beautiful district. The cosy décor is created with an ensemble of luxurious furniture, softly filtered sunlight and subtle smells of incense which will help transport you far away from reality during your massage…

Each detail was designed to invite you on a voyage and to allow you to savor each privileged instant.
This unique moment is just for you so we schedule your session so that you will not cross the path of another client, neither at your arrival nor at your departure from the apartment.

Approche holistique du massage, Chantal LehmannPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


In order to prepare for your first holistic massage session we perform a diagnostic assessment of your needs. This holistic approach engages you in a dialogue with your massage therapist, all while relaxing in our comfortable surroundings.

Chantal LEHMANN’S protocols for holistic massages and treatments combine relaxation and the union of the body and mind because we believe a global understanding of the person is essential to creating a successful experience. We take our time to softly undo your tensions while re-energizing your body.
Inspired by Asia Chantal LEHMANN also travelled the world to learn a multitude of massage and wellbeing techniques which permit her to invent exclusive holistic massages where nothing is left to chance.

“As soon as Chantal LEHMANN grazes your spirit with her fingertips your entire body vibrates right to the tips of your toes…”


The massage rituals created by Chantal LEHMANN are like a veritable musical score consisting of an introduction, theme and variations that harmoniously combine to create a unique rhythm and fluidity.
Even though Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments are based on precise gestures and ultimate sophistication they still leave room for improvisation in order to meet individual needs. With the same great sensitivity of a pianist we adapt the intensity of our gestures to the reactions of the muscles and internal organs we have under our fingers.

As gentle as they are effective, each holistic massage or treatment is uniquely designed to offer you an unparalleled, precise and personalized treatment.

Massages et soins holistiques exclusifsPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


Whether it is for energising, rejuvenating, relaxing or restoring inner balance the holistic massages invented by Chantal LEHMANN are original and last between 1 and a half to 4 hours.

Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments draw their strength from ancestral massage techniques from locations around the world where massage is considered to be part of a healthy lifestyle. Chantal’s sessions incorporate the history of ayurvedic gestures passed down through chants from Tui Na and Shiatsu combined with a hint of reflexology and sometimes a bit of Reiki.

“Our gestures are inspired by the knowledge of people whose massages and holistic approaches to personal care are family rituals used to maintain good health. These rituals are passed down from generation to generation as an art of living which is inscribed in their culture.”
- Chantal Lehmann -

An inherent characteristic of all of Chantal LEHMANN’S sessions incorporates the practice of full, complete and enveloping movements which relax tension. We prepare you to receive the energy you need to rediscover your balance and wellbeing.


HoliDesign: Body Sculpting Massage

You will not need more than 4 hours to liberate your body from all of the tensions and toxins that accumulate day after day and to breathe new energies into your body leaving you in a state of total harmony and wellbeing.

HoliDesign is a quiet pause just for you that brings life back to your body and leaves you revitalized. During a one-on-one session we remove your tensions to allow total relaxation while breathing a new breath into your body and your spirit; a holistic approach that brings you absolute wellbeing.

HoliDesign massage du corpsPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

HoliFitness®: Facial Massage

HoliFitness® is a legitimate alternative to cosmetic surgery. This facial massage gently sculpts and replumps your face, naturally reducing wrinkles and slowing down the aging process.

Our anti-aging consultations will revolutionize your concept of anti-wrinkle care. We guarantee that the visible effects you will see in the mirror right after each session will astound you. With the passing sessions you will notice the lasting effects of this natural, organic and surprising technique. The fear of resorting to cosmetic surgery or injections disappears instantly once you give yourself over to our expert hands which over time will bring back energy and youthfulness to your face. “Do not be afraid. You will be in good hands!”

Massage des muscles du visagePhoto: Kerstin Nussbächer

HoliBelly: Stomach Massage

Accumulation of tension and improper diet are two of the root causes of internal organ dysfunction.

This holistic massage focuses on the abdomen and has an effect on your process of elimination and rebalances energy. HoliBelly is inspired by oriental techniques and relies on your feedback and our diagnosis of your personal needs to rejuvenate and redirect the circulation of energy in the body.

HoliBelly by CLPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

Shen: 4-Handed Massage

Shen is a new 4-handed massage concept developed by Chantal LEHMANN and her collaborator Louka LEPPARD. The Shen massage brings you back to your source.

Shen is a deep holistic treatment created in harmony by a man and a woman which rebalances your masculine and feminine energies. The attention we devote to you will bring you ultimate satisfaction. During this voyage our gliding, kneading, vibrating, balancing and rhythmic gestures will leave your “physical body” free of all tension, realigning and soothing your entire being.

Shen massage à 4 mains Photo: Kerstin Nussbächer

HoliDetox: Detox Massage

Chantal LEHMANN created the HoliDetox massage because she believes that what we eat has an effect on proper organ function and understands the importance of eliminating toxins that have accumulated in the body over time.

To develop this detoxifying massage Chantal reunited the best detox practices with ancient techniques gathered from different cultures around the world. This deep detoxification uses natural techniques that meticulously focus on your articulations and muscles to relax your body and bring you a state of total relaxation.

Detoxifier le corps avec le massage HoliDetoxPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

HoliBusiness: Anti-Burnout Massage

In our modern society businessmen and woman often find themselves on the edge of professional fatigue, commonly called a burnout.

Chantal LEHMANN created HoliBusiness in response to an increase in clientele who were businesspersons experiencing symptoms of burnout. Many of these clients do not have enough time to do sports and maintain a healthy diet. Depending on your level of professional stress and fatigue you may need just a couple of sessions or regular appointments throughout the year to help you prevent a burnout.

HoliBusiness can also be used as an “energy boost” before a business event or to help manage the effects of jetlag. Each massage session will bring you balance and make you feel as though you just took a 2-week vacation!

Eviter le burnout avec HoliBusiness massage C. LehmannPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

HoliSport: Massage for athletes

All athletes know the importance of a good post workout stretch. The HoliSports massage was created for the specific needs of an athlete. The massage is given on the floor and incorporates many different techniques and positions.

Great precision is required to accomplish this meticulous spinal column "cleansing." This massage also stretches your muscles and works on your joints, ligaments and tendons.
Even though this massage was designed for athletes, non-athletes can also enjoy its benefits! Whether you are an active athlete or a little “rusted,” HoliSports will loosen your body and leave you relaxed and in good form!

HoliSport,massage holistique pour sportifPhoto: Mathieu Baumer

HoliBreath: The Art of Deep Breathing

Even though breathing is an instinctive and vital action few of us know how to “breathe well.”

HoliBreath is a collection of breathing exercises that teach you how to breathe from your stomach allowing you to rediscover your first breath.
While teaching you about abdominal respiration we will also work on the pressure put on your meridians. Bringing you total relaxation and liberating the tensions of our modern lifestyles that have been built up in our bodies and specifically our stomach.

Many different breathing positions are taught to help you concentrate on your breathing and the effect it has on your body thus centring you so that you stay connected to your breath as you conduct your daily activities. Learning how to breathe well will help you naturally fight against countless obstacles.

Chantal Lehmann, HoliBreathPhoto: Mathieu Baumer


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Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments are available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations. The appointments take place in an apartment building of standing in a refined and confidential atmosphere.

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