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Did you know that the HoliFitness® facial massage is also an extraordinary anti-wrinkle treatment for men?

Being concerned with one’s appearance and projecting an air of beauty is no longer a uniquely feminine interest; an increasing number of men are careful about taking care of themselves. This includes taking steps to bring a youthful look back to their faces. Each day, an increasing number of men fill the waiting rooms of aesthetic clinics. Those that have done their research tend to try original anti-wrinkle methods and other natural face-lifting options in order to improve their skin’s glow and vitality. Chantal Lehmann invented the revolutionary HoliFitness® facial massage, which continues to seduce the public and impress the scientific community. This unique massage allows you to reclaim a more youthful and firm skin tone without using any external elements. This is accomplished through the use of techniques whose effects are impressive and instantly effective. Men have certainly figured this one out!

HoliFitness®: a holistic facial massage that is for men too!

Massage du visage pour hommes HoliFitness

An exclusive and personalized approach

Chantal Lehmann created the HoliFitness® facial massage after numerous years of research, which she conducted throughout the four corners of the world. Chantal is a specialist who is deeply impassioned by naturally created and maintained wellbeing. This interest drove her to gather information from her studies and travels about a wide variety of wellbeing practices: massages, nutrition, detoxification methods, the art of living a full life, etc. This massage is the result of her combined experiences and research.

An anti-wrinkle massage for all skin types

The HoliFitness® massage is a genuine anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle treatment aimed at naturally rejuvenating the facial tissues. This individualized facial massage uses a holistic approach that takes the intrinsic characteristics of each individual as a whole into account, including: skin type, muscle density, specific signs of aging and lifestyle.

By using these holistic methods, Chantal Lehmann is able to offer her clients a unique and personalized massage. For several years, women have been wise to this massage’s benefits and now an increasing number of men enjoy Chantal’s massages too.

This exclusive massage treatment begins with a warm up of breathing exercises and relaxation routines followed by the facial massage. This technique, developed by Chantal Lehmann, works on all of the muscles of the face with surgical precision. The effects of this stunning, natural facelift have been scientifically proven.

Remodeling and rejuvenating a man’s face

This facial massage has been widely acclaimed by women due to the fact that it fully stimulates all of the facial muscles. It is not shocking that before long this massage will be just as popular with men. The true art behind Chantal Lehmann’s HoliFitness® massage is her ability to adapt it to all skin types and morphologies. This massage also differs according to the sex of the person that is receiving this anti-wrinkle treatment.

The male and female dermises each have their own different and special characteristics:

  • Appearance: female skin is often thinner, more delicate and smoother than male skin.
  • Structure: male skin is well vascularized, thicker (25% on average) and less supple. These characteristics are due to male hormones that make the body’s tissues more resilient.
  • How the skin evolves and ages: women often show the first signs of aging (tiny wrinkles and slight folds) around age 25, whereas men start showing these signs at age 30. These differences are due to the fact that men have a higher concentration of collagen. This inequality is balanced over time because, even though these signs show up later in men, once men start having wrinkles they become much more pronounced.

HoliFitness® facial massage: a natural facelift that is perfectly adapted to men

The differences between male and female skin justifies the use of different face massage techniques in order to achieve the expected results of the HoliFitness® natural anti-wrinkle facelift.

Chantal Lehmann’s expertise and savoir-faire allow her to address this issue by offering a facial massage for men that is perfectly adapted to their skin.

Massages and anti-wrinkle treatments: the natural facelift for men

A social transition

Over the past few years, the act of taking care of oneself is no longer a taboo for men. Starting in the 1970s, male role models began working out in order to stay fit and improve their physical appearance.

Psychological studies show that individuals are interested in having immediate results when it comes to their physical appearance.

The situation for women is different: the treatment is not sought out for its immediate results, which are instantly observable by others. For example, women will seek out a facial massage or other natural anti-wrinkle treatments for their overall results and take into consideration the fact that it is also important to make oneself feel good physically and to put aside time for a wide variety of activities that promote wellbeing.

Men have different ideas, when compared to those of women, with regard to the range of youth-preserving methods that are available. Be this as it may, today, an increasing number of men don’t hide the fact that they have tried out efficient anti-aging treatments and massages.

The metrosexual ethos, this masculine archetype that pays as much attention to his look as he does to his physical health, is on the brink of becoming a true social norm as individuals follow the example that is given by certain public, media and sports figures.

Reappropriate your body with natural anti-wrinkle techniques: also available for men!

Nowadays, men between the ages of 30 and 35 are more demanding about their looks and even show signs of worry about growing old. Men consider massages to be a simple and natural way to care for themselves in a manner that also allows them to discover their body from a tactile point of view.

According to a survey conducted by OnePoll/LastMinute, men esteem relaxing massages and facial treatments.

There’s no doubt about whether or not the fine-tuned HoliFitness® facial massage for men invented by Chantal Lehmann will suit them to a T.
This massage is entirely adapted to male physiology and allows one to relax and feel physically rested while naturally reducing wrinkles.

The remedy for a modern man’s worries is a unique and comprehensive holistic treatment.

In the past few years, enthusiasm for anti-aging massages for men has greatly increased. This explosion in interest has been reflected in the rapid growth of the cosmetics market.

This shift has been noted by certain studies, which state that the sale of male grooming products increased by 300% in 2015! Even though it may be hard to verify this statement, it is clear that this trend is a reality.

In France, 1 out of every 4 men uses facial creams. Wouldn’t it be convenient to know how to choose which creams and lotions best suit your skin type! We strongly suggest using organic cosmetics by preference. You will be surprised by their natural efficiency.

Gentlemen, entrust your face to Chantal Lehmann’s expert hands. Chantal Lehmann’s HoliFitness® anti-wrinkle facial massage will allow you to bring youth back to your facial features while experiencing a moment of profound relaxation. Be sure to stay hydrated and avoid prolonged sun exposure in order to extend the benefits of this natural facelift. Eating a healthy diet is also strongly suggested. Adding foods to your diet that promote detoxification also contributes to a health dermis.


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