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HoliFitness® young or how to delay facial sagging

Did you know that Chantal LEHMANN adjusted her celebrated HoliFitness® facial massage to efficiently prevent facial sagging?

Facial sagging: we are all concerned

Nobody escapes facial sagging. Despite all our attempts through external treatments and constantly improving anti-aging methods, the subject of facial muscles remains a field to be explored in depth. We replump with the aid of hyaluronic acid, we inject Botox to hinder muscle movement, we smooth using dermabrasion but we never attack the subject of muscles which hold the structure of the face and support our facial features. All of these artificial methods are not only invasive but mistreat the face.


HoliFitness homme
On the contrary, HoliFitness® brings back skin elasticity, radiance and stimulates the face so that the interdependent facial muscles can express themselves fully to properly fulfil their major role: supporting facial features. The facial massage is a 100% natural alternative to facelifts. Today Chantal Lehmann encourages young woman, before the age of 30, to start using this process of “facial structure maintenance.” Stimulated facial muscles delay the appearance of the signs of aging such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, frown lines and even skin sagging. The results are immediate and cumulative.


HoliFitness Young
While creating HoliFitness® Young Chantal Lehmann did not neglect the restraints of those under 30. The facial massage takes 1 hour and costs only 145 Euros. To make HoliFitness® Young even more accessible it is available in 3 different subscription packages.

  • Start: starting at 125 € for each session
    6 sessions over a 3 month period + 1 free * valued at 145 Euros
  • Original: starting at 119 € for each session
    11 sessions over a 12 month period + 2 free ** valued at 290 Euros
  • Premium: starting at 114 € for each session
    16 sessions over a 12 month period + 3 free *** valued at 435 Euros

* to be used during the month following the end of the subscription
** to be used during the two months following the end of the subscription
*** to be used during the three months following the end of the subscription


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Eric, 50 years old

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