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Natural facelift

Karine, 40 years old

“HoliFitness®- my alternative to Botox.”

I found out about Chantal while reading a woman’s magazine. I had just come to terms with the shock of being 40 and there it was printed in black and white- the promise of an "alternative to facelifts."

After my first appointment I burst out hysterically laughing while looking at myself in the bathroom mirror at Chantal’s. Was that my reflection in the mirror? My cheeks were lifted and my skin was replumped resembling the complexion of a young girl! I was shocked, I had not expected such a metamorphosis… I had often cleaned out the beauty cream shelf at the perfume counter. From now on I will be happy just properly cleaning and hydrating my skin, Chantal can do the rest! I am on my 9th session and I am an addict!

At first the price seemed exorbitant but that was before I discovered the results. If I calculated all the money I had spent on beauty creams my budget has not increased that much especially when keeping in mind the results I saw in the mirror!

After the rejuvenating massage, my next step will be trying the 4-handed massage.


Réservez dés maintenant


Eric, 50 years old

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The DIY facial by CL, or how to give yourself a natural HoliFitness® facelift at home!

23 September 2016

In order to celebrate Fall 2016, Chantal Lehmann has launched a new HoliFitness® training concept. This time you will be the masseuse! Chantal Lehmann, the holistic wellbeing specialist, and her team offers non-professionals a brand new (...)

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Chantal LEHMANN’S holistic massages and treatments are available by appointment only at one of the Chantal LEHMANN locations. The appointments take place in an apartment building of standing in a refined and confidential atmosphere.

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